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About Us:

EcoLogistics LLC is an Oregon based company focused on helping public agencies, general contractors and small & disadvantaged businesses achieve their participation and contracting goals. 

EcoLogistics's two founders Chris Humphries and Bryce Benge have a rich background in all phases of construction management. Both Chris and Bryce have experience working for construction sub-contractors, general contractors and real estate developers. Our first hand industry knowledge and passion for local communities drives the creation of our unique and powerful solutions.

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Get your projects in front of the RIGHT construction businesses

We have the most complete & up-to-date information on Certified businesses.  We know what they are good at & how to put your projects in front of them.

Expand bid opportunities for Certified businesses

Our unique technology helps Certified businesses team up with larger subcontractors;  providing multiple ways for Certified businesses to bid and win work on your projects.

Easily see and demonstrate outreach and engagement program success!

Our technologies entice the firms you are targeting to get involved.  Easily collect qualification information from interested bidders and track their engagement with your project(s).

ConnecTech TM

New tools to automate and enhance your project outreach and certified firm engagement!

Large and Small Construction Projects

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